Choose the Chi Mat that fits your height. Use the symbols on the cards as a guide to the symbols on the mat to learn poses. Always read the instructions first. To prevent injury, do a proper warm up with Star Cat Series, and listen to your body. If a pose looks too difficult, ask for help or skip it. Build skill over time with practice. Click on the cards to enlarge. Scroll with arrows or with touch interactive on a tablet. We love to see creativity and personalized poses. Add your own phresh phreeze style with a peace sign or hand mudra! Show us your ‘phresh phreezes’ on instagram! Ask your parents, of course! We love to feature phresh kids! (Please See Terms of Use.) Feel Good!!! Have fun!!! “How phresh is your phreeze?! Super duper phresh!!!”


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Use the symbols to learn body placement and proper alignment. L&R reminds you to try poses on both the LEFT and RIGHT sides of the body. Flow means ‘breath with movement.’ On a Flow, take up to 1 breath. 1 breath = 1 inhale + 1 exhale. Phreeze means hold the pose for 3 breaths. The Flow & Phreeze Game is a combination of Flow Yoga and Breakdance Phreezes. Phresh Phreeze Challenges are optional. Add your own phresh phreeze style with a peace sign or hand mudra!


SAFETY FIRST! Do poses only when YOU feel strong and balanced, and have supervision. Listen to your body. Be gentle with yourself, little elf! Remember: Wherever you are, you are perfect! Your pose does not have to be as precise as the photo. Never force or push. Move mindfully, and be extra careful with your spine. Never move your neck while in any upside down pose. Look at the demonstration first, then try. Kids under 10 should not do headstands. If you feel any pain, stop, breathe, relax in Lazy Lion or Starfish, and recover! Use cushions, a protective helmet, and joint padding to prevent injury. Take off socks, and wash off lotion so you don’t slip. Ask a teacher or guardian for help with difficult poses. Need to take it easy? Take the Shortcuts. Chi Activate! 🙂


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